Renowned composer and harpist Hannah Lash is is widely known as a "striking and resourceful" composer (New York Times) and has been praised for the “technical wizardry” (The Birmingham News) of her playing. For Elm City Records, she shares two of her solo works for the instrument, Stalk and Sonata for Harp, both a stunning representation of Lash's most recent compositional explorations. In addition, Lash shares two repertoire works for solo harp, Carlos Salzedo's Variations On a Theme in Ancient Style and Faure's Une Chatelaine en sa Tour, Op. 110.



"Stalk was composed in 2008 while I was still pursuing my graduate degree in harp at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I remember writing it just for fun, and not immediately having the occasion to play it. It was actually premiered by another harpist a couple of years later. I built the piece on a melodic fragment, which becomes generative of the entire piece. I found that this way of working allowed me an enormous amount of freedom to build a form that feels rather free but yet is able to hang together because of its common seed. The fragment was inspired by a tune I remember my mother singing to me as a child: 'White coral bells, upon a slender stalk….' Because my piece branches out in an almost plant-like way from a single stalk of material, Stalk seemed a fitting title."



"My Sonata for Harp is a piece that strives for beauty and expressiveness and yet at the same time for a pushing of boundaries for both the instrument and the player. I wanted the athleticism in the music to illuminate the physical qualities of the harp: it's mechanisms, sinews, edges--both musically and physically. I am fascinated by creating an illusion of a completely malleable chromatic palette on a diatonic instrument. I am also drawn to articulation: the harp's sound is so much dominated by the attack of the pluck (somewhat like the harpsichord) that different articulations have to be created via timing and dynamic. I love the challenge this presents, and the sense of perceptive dissonance which results from pursuing a variety of sounds with which the harp is not normally associated."

Salzedo: variations on
a theme in ancient style

FAURE: Une Chatelaine
en sa Tour

Hannah Lash performs "Une Chatelaine en sa Tour, Op. 110" by Gabriel Fauré at Elm City Studios. Lash is widely praised for her inventive compositions and virtuosic performances, and her interpretations of classic repertoire display her delicate musicianship and emotional involvement with the music. 

"Une Chatelaine en sa Tour" was one of only two works that Fauré wrote for the harp. The works's title is taken from a poem by Verlaine, "The Lady of the castle in her tower..." and was set many years earlier by Fauré in his song cycle "La bonne chanson."